Hard Candy CC Correction Cream Review

I came across Hard Candy’s cc cream with spf 15 at Walmart and thought I’d give it a try as it was only around 8 bucks. It comes in a tube and contains 42.5g (1.5oz). I picked it up in medium shade.

This cc cream claims that it neutralizes the undertones of your skin and is color correcting. Umm, yeah. More like overpowers your undertones.

Let me start by saying that I do NOT like this stuff. After shaking it up well, it leaks out of the tube when you open it. It’s super runny which can make a mess.
I have yellow undertones, but the color of this is very yellow. It makes me look a bit clownish. I’m not sure how this would look on someone with pink undertones. I have large pores on my nose and cheeks and it really accentuated them. It made the little dry patches on the sides of my nose look really bad, even after I applied moisturizer and primer. I finished with a light dusting of palladio rice powder, but my nose was shiny in no time. It also transfers. A lot. I wouldn’t wear a white shirt with this on my face.

I wouldn’t really recommend this in the medium shade for anyone. I’m not sure what the other shades are like, but I think medium would be too yellow for anyone’s skin tone. I’ll stick to my missha bb cream until I find something better.


Products I’m Loving Right Now

Recently, I’ve been trying out tons of skincare products. some have been great, and some have been pretty blah. I’ll start by listing the ones I loved.

I grabbed this Frutique Papaya Enzyme from Sally’s Beauty. I have been looking for an exfoliating gel as I’m not a big fan of the scrubs. This works awesome! It balls up the dead skin and leaves your face super soft. It’s also pretty cheap. I think it was about $12 for the bottle which should last me a pretty long time. The little balls of skin can be crazy hard to get off though. The instructions say to just “roll” them off. Yeah, right. Maybe a facecloth will help. You can see the creepy balls of skin on my hand in the picture below. Gross. Bye dead skin!


About a month ago, I had my first facial. (I’m sure some people would gasp at the fact that I waited 37 years to get one!) I went to Skoah and had their “facialicous” facial. It was really nice, but a bit pricey at $115 + tax. Skoah also sells their own line of skin care products. Two of my favorite are the tonik toner and the hydradew mask. The hydradew mask smells SO good! I love that these products are Canadian, are paraben free, and of course no animal testing.

Next up would be No.7 Cleansing Water. I went into Shoppers Drug Mart looking for Bioderma Sebium H2o. They didn’t have it, so I found this after some browsing around. I thought it was worth a try as it was only around $14. It works great! It gets off all my face makeup and doesn’t irritate my skin or break me out. I’ll definitely repurchase it when run out.
The last thing on my love list today is Lanisoh HPA Lanolin. I have chronic dry lips. They crack and peel and I can’t resist picking at the dry skin. Eww. This works great. I only have to reapply every couple of hours instead of constantly slathering on chapstick or lip balm. I did squeeze some into a little container to carry around as I didn’t want to tote around a tube that says it’s for sore cracked nipples.


I was going to list some products that I like and some that I can do without, but this post is getting long! I guess those will have to wait for another day.

Cheers. (^ー^)ノ

Beauty Box 5 – June 2013

Along with my Luxe Box, I received my first package from Beauty Box 5 today. You can subscribe for 1 month ($12.00), 3 months ($30.00), or 1 year ($99.00). I opted for the 3 months to try it out so each box costs me $10.00 + tax.

The products ship in their little teal box with a product description card.

Photo 2013-07-04 1 25 37 PM


First up is some Coolway Cool Cleanse Shampoo and Cool Hydrate Conditioner. They come in little 30mL/1 oz squeeze tubes. It smells pretty good and I’ll try it out the next time I’m travelling. Retail price is $25.00 for 8.6 oz. Sample value $5.81.

Photo 2013-07-04 1 27 57 PM


Next in the box was 2 – 8mL packets of Just Being Sexy Body Bronzer. Retail price is $49.00 for 6 fl oz. Sample value is $4.43. I’m not sure if I’ll use this. I might give it away or stash it until winter hits.

Photo 2013-07-04 1 28 11 PM


Also included is a 1 oz bottle of Shea Terra Organics Rose Hips Black Soap Facial. Retail is $18.00 for 4 oz. Sample value is $4.50. This has an earthy smell and looks a bit like molasses. I’m looking forward to trying this one. The label reads “Micro-dermabrasion in a bottle”. Directions are to apply it to your face and massage it into the skin using circular motions. Leave it on for 5-10 mins and wash off with warm water.

Photo 2013-07-04 1 27 23 PM


The last thing in my box was the Minxxette Brush Hanger. It has a little suction cup so you can stick it to a wall while hanging your brush to dry. I think it’s pretty cute, but I don’t know how useful just one hanger will be as I clean all of my brushes at once. It’s valued at $4.69.

Photo 2013-07-04 1 28 22 PM


The total value of this month’s box was $19.13. I guess the value is okay. I’m just feeling kind of meh about the whole box. I’ll definitely use the Coolway products and the soap facial. I’ll wait until the end of my 3 month subscription to see if it’s worth continuing.


Luxe Box Summer 2013

I received 2 beauty boxes in the mail today. Yay! The first one was from Loose Button. I received my very first Luxe Box. The limited edition boxes didn’t really appeal to me, so I just ordered the regular box. As Loose Button had a problem with getting their signature boxes in time, I opted to get the alternative packaging as I’m moving soon and needed it to arrive on time. Instead of the signature box, it arrived in a plain kraft box. Inside was the Loose Button drawstring bag. I’m not sure if it was the alternative packaging, but a couple of my samples were a little banged up. None of the products were damaged inside though.

Here’s the box and everything that was in it:

Photo 2013-07-04 1 29 34 PM Photo 2013-07-04 1 30 54 PM

First thing was a full sized Olay’s Total Effects Tone Correcting CC Cream. It’s 1.7FL Oz (50mL). I looks like it’s $15.99 on Amazon.com. I’m going to value it at $20.00 because we get ripped off here in Canada.

Photo 2013-07-04 1 36 43 PM

I’ve been trying some BB creams, but this is the first CC cream I’ve ever had. It says that it fights 7 signs of aging, including uneven tone, age spots, and wrinkles. It includes a moisturizer and has SPF 15. The sample is light – medium so it might be too light for my summer skin. I’m thinking I’ll wait a couple of months to try this out when I’m a bit paler. I’m also moving from Vancouver to Calgary so my face will need more moisture in Calgary’s dry climate.

The second is Rose 4 Reines Hand Cream. Sample size is 10mL. Full size (30mL) sells for $12.00.

Photo 2013-07-04 1 37 23 PM

This hand cream really smells like roses. It felt okay going on my hands, but I really can’t get past the smell. I’m not a fan of florals and this really wasn’t for me. It also made the skin on my hands react a bit with some redness and burning. I have chronic hives so my skin can be sensitive.

There was 2 fragrance samples in my box. The first one was Calvin Klein’s Euphoria. Sample size is 15mL. Full size (50mL) sells for $69.00.

Photo 2013-07-04 1 45 28 PM

I really didn’t love this one. It smells a bit too floral and heavy for me. The bottle is cute though, and it’s a generous sized sample.

The second fragrance was Donna Karan’s Woman. Sample size is 7mL. Full price for 50mL is $105.00.

Photo 2013-07-04 1 44 54 PM

I liked this one. It’s a bit more my style. The product description states it has “creamy notes of orange flower, that delicately wrap the confident signature core of haitian vetiver and sandalwood”.

Next up is Génefique by Lancôme. Sample size is 8mL. Full size is 50mL at $125.00.

Photo 2013-07-04 1 37 04 PM

I’m excited to try this one. The sample size is quite generous. It a serum to help create more youthful-looking skin with visible results in just 7 days.

Also included is a small 3mL sample vial of Kérastase Elixir Ultime The Imperial. Full size is 125mL that sells for $54.00.

Photo 2013-07-04 1 46 52 PM

It’s a multi-use oil that can be used before and after styling. Provides shine, conditioning and nourishment. I wish the sample size was bigger. I have pretty long hair.

The last samples in the bag were of Vichy’s Liftactiv Serum. I received 4 – 3mL samples. Full size (30mL) sells for $53.00.

Photo 2013-07-04 1 46 27 PM

It’s supposed to be good for all skin types and helps improve all aspects of your skin – wrinkles, firmness, radiance and pores. I’m looking forward to trying this as well. I’m glad they give you 4 samples so you can really get an idea of if it works or not.

The last little bonus item was a Loose Button kabuki brush. It’s pretty soft and looks like it should be a good size for travelling. They value this on the website at $15.00.

Photo 2013-07-04 1 47 32 PM

If my math is right, the total box value is$116.90 based on the retail prices from the Loose Button website. (I valued the Olay CC cream at $20.) Not bad for $26.00 CAD + tax. I think the box is targeted more at women my age (late 30’s) or older. They seem to have a lot of age correcting creams and fragrances that might not appeal to younger women. I liked it enough to keep my subscription and see what’s in the Fall box.

Sponge Hair Rollers – No Heat Curls

I’ve been experimenting with ways to get soft bouncy curls in my long hair without using heat. I get Japanese Straightening done about every 8 months so my hair doesn’t really hold curls that well anymore. The best way I’ve found so far was to use old school foam rollers that I bought at the dollar store.


I wrap my head in the rollers (about 10-12 rollers) and sleep with them in overnight. This can be somewhat uncomfortable, but bearable since they are soft.

While browsing around eBay, I came across these little beauties:


They only cost $1.01CAD including shipping, so I figured they were worth a try. You get 6 in a package. I sectioned my hair into 6 pieces and rolled them in. My hair isn’t that thick so 6 rollers worked fine for me. I washed my hair earlier and it was slightly damp when I put these in.

Here’s what they look like in my hair:


I let them sit for about a hour before I removed them. I wasn’t expecting too much from such a short time, but the curls came out great!

image          image

I LOVE these! They leave a nice curl in a short time, are quick to put in, and are super cheap! I highly recommend trying these out.

What’s your favorite method for no heat curls?

Julep Maven Box


Recently, I’ve been checking out beauty boxes that are available in Canada. I came across Julep. Julep sells their own branded products – mostly nail polish, some skin care products and make up. You can get your first Julep Maven Box free right now using the code “FREEBOX”. You start by taking a style quiz, then they show you your style profile and matching Maven Box. One nice thing is that you can check out what’s in the boxes before ordering, so if you don’t like the box for your “style”, you can choose something else. I’m not really into nail polish right now, so I chose the “Modern Beauty Starter Box”, regularly priced at $19.99USD. It was the only box that didn’t contain nail polish. I used the coupon code for this box and was charged $3.99USD for shipping to Canada.

What’s in the box? Julep’s American Beauty Volumizing Mascara and Rock Star Hand Creme. It arrived in a black cardboard box with some shredded packing paper at the bottom. They also threw in a nail file and a sample nail polish remover pad.



The mascara tube is full size (9mL, 0.32oz.) and comes in jet black. The wand is a plastic bristle brush and is slightly curved. I haven’t tried the mascara yet as I have a ton of mascara that I’m working my way through.


The hand creme is also full size (85g, 3oz.). It has a nice light smell that’s not overpowering. It’s paraben and sulfate free. It goes on smoothly and doesn’t feel greasy. It’s a nice, light moisturizer.

I like that you can choose your box before purchasing so there’s no surprise and you won’t end up with products or colors that you can’t use. I also like that the products are full size and not little samples. You also earn points called, “jules”, which you can exchange for boxes, add-ons, etc.

You can choose to skip a month or send your box as a gift to a friend, but you have to call in if you want to cancel your membership. You can’t cancel by email or online. If you do nothing, they will automatically send the monthly box based on your maven profile and charge your card. You get 20% off all products for sale on their site for being a Julep Maven, but I find that their prices are a bit high. Regular price for their nail polish is $14.00USD. The Rock Star Hand Creme retails for $20.00USD and the Volumizing Mascara for $24.00USD. I personally don’t think they are worth that.

Overall, I’m not blown away by my Maven Box and don’t think I’ll continue my subscription. I do appreciate that they give you a free box to decide if their products are for you. It looks like they have some great colors of nail polish, so I would recommend getting your free box and trying them out for yourself.